Sigueme Prayer Requests

1. Our goal this year 2013, is to preach the Gospel to 7000 people. Right now we have preached to around 6000 people. Please pray for God to keep opening doors.


 2. For us to keep a heart according to God’s heart in all our staff. Young people are collaborating and many of them have a heart willing to praise God. 


3. We need to move, since we are renting this house. We are praying for a house with enough space so we use as well as Sigueme’s office. In the house is where we run the radio and it’s also a place where we can keep the equipment we use for our activities.


4. For the next evangelistic activities in high schools and elementary school, camps and more. 


5. For the kids we are discipling and their decision to study at the Bible Institute.


6. For our economical support, for God to complete it and allow us to extend His work around the country. As the ministry grows, the expenses grow as well, so please pray for this.

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