Sigueme October Update

The Coto Family Ministry Update

Sigueme Oct

Retreats in October

Dear beloved friends:

In our beautiful Costa Rica, October is a month of lots of rain, but it is also a month when we get invited by many schools.

The retreats are very different from our regular activities, since we have the students for a whole day, having the opportunity to share the Gospel in conferences and also in a personal way.

It is a very special time with the teenagers, where we can leave a big mark in their lives through the Bible.

We have games prepared for teenagers, but also conferences that teachers listen to as well, such as: genuine friendships, sex and youth, drugs versus life, and many others.

This time of the year is really exhausting, since we have activities all day, but the staff that God has given us, including students and other young people from churches, make the work easier. We thank God for these young people and for the opportunity to reach lives for Him.

Classes at the Bible Institute

sigueme pic 2

Another big opportunity God gave us in October was to teach a class at the Bible Institute Strom.

It is a great blessing to be able to teach the new generation to make the job God has called us to do.

It was beautiful not only to have them in the class, but also to have them helping us with our ministry’s activities.

They were a blessing!

pic 3

Students from the Bible Institute helping us at a Mega Match.

pic 4

Students preaching the Gospel to a group of students in the middle of the activity.

pic 5

pic 6

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