Sigueme: Looking Towards the Future

looking forwards the future

In November and December, classes in the schools are over. We prepare ourselves for summer break, when we have our camps and will have the opportunity to share the Gospel.

November and December are very challenging months, since the schools start their summer break, so we look for a way to reach the teenagers for Christ.

Camps, sports activities, and outdoors evangelism, are some ways we are using to reach them.

Please pray for our ministry, since a lot of dangers and temptations come along with these months. The world uses different ways to attract them and try to distract them from The Way. God is faithful, and we rest in Him, since we want to see His Glory reflected in many teenagers’ lives.

Please pray as well for this time, since we are moving and opening our new office this November.

Goals for 2014


We would like to share with you what we want to put in God’s hands for 2014, please pray for us; we want to take advantage of the time God gives us.


◼ We want to preach the Gospel to 7000 souls in 2014.


◼ We would like to support 6 local churches in San Jose with programs for teenagers.


◼ We want to reach the south of the country, where we have natives.

◼ Reach 35 high schools, and offer a new program to support pregnant teenagers and pull them closer to a church near the school.

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